Letter From Secretary - General

Dear destined participants,


It is a great bliss for me to announce to you the inaugural meeting of Konyaaltı Anatolian High School Model United Nations, KLMUN’22, which will be held from November 14th to 16th, 2022. Our conference will be held physically in Antalya, Turkey.


I would like to invite, and if attending, welcome you to our conference.


In our first year as an intendedly annual conference, we aim to build an outstanding foundation for our Model United Nations journey with a solid start both academically and organizationally. On that note, we have announced 5 committees with a competent academy, suitable to delegates of all experience levels and perspectives. Our committees, as can be found on our website, deal with a wide range of topics, and our conference aims to serve you as a valuable extracurricular experience during the recess in November, one that will contribute to your information literacy, communication skills, comprehension of diplomatic relations and many more means of skills management while also providing a platform for you to interact with your peers. Spending three valuable days of your recess doing all these rather than staying at home makes sense, doesn’t it?


On the occasion of this letter, I would like to give credit to my whole team. My Executive Team is doing a great job managing the realization of this entire conference. As praised before, our incredibly professional and dedicated Academic Team is skillfully making their committees come true as well, and you can also take part in this team as a committee director. As for our Organization Team, it would be suitable for me to dub them an army of ants, and you can also be of great help as administrative staff. I can certainly reassure you that they all know what they are doing and would take great honor in your participation.


I seek to meet up with you in November and wish you all the best in your lives until then!


With regards,

Mete Eroğlu

Secretary-General of KLMUN’22

Boş Sınıf



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