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UNSC – an intermediate-level committee.

Welcome to the UNSC – the most powerful organ of the UN, the only one which can issue binding decisions, and the one most riddled by power politics. You will be discussing one of the more complex and dynamic challenges to regional security in the Middle East today – the crisis of the Kurdish conflict for independence, sovereignty, and security in the context of civil war in Syria, creeping authoritarianism in Turkey, instability in Iraq, the withdrawal of the US, and the expanding presence of Iran. This issue traces its roots to the time of empires and colonialism and today, it threatens the stability and peace of the entire region as stakeholders have been able to successfully negotiate with each other or yet dominate with force.

We will discuss the humanitarian crises caused by this conflict, attempt to answer its fundamental legal questions and try to ensure that the crisis does not devolve and spiral into mass destruction and catastrophe. Prepare for a weekend of tough negotiations to determine the future of the unstable Middle East.

Agenda Item: Kurdish crisis

Under-Secretary-General: Ulaş Odabaş

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